Coming back from Run Rabbit Run 100 has been quite the journey to say the least. It took ending up in the hospital after running 107 miles, with a hemoglobin level low enough that should have required a blood transfusion to make me realize how unhealthy I was.

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Gnarly Cakes!

While I’m not gluten free, I know that I feel and train better when I exclude corn, wheat and soy from my meals. Let’s be real, I dislike the word “diet” no matter how it’s used.  At one point I was vegan, but after landing myself in the emergency room after finishing Run Rabbit Run 100 and having 1 of 4 diagnoses being severe anemia (and a $5k medical bill/holy expensive belt buckle!) my vegan era came to an end. Right then. With a Chipotle steak burrito in the emergency room when I finally came to. Thanks, Danelle!

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The Leadville Trail Marathon

I’ve put off writing this post for so long, because as we all know, sometimes it’s hard to put crazy experiences into words. It’s no secret that home girl has some serious love for Leadville. The town itself has its own quaint little charm, and what surrounds it is truly majestic. My introduction to ultra running started here, and my interest in ultra running essentially grew here as well. There will always be a special place in my heart for Leadville!

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